Welcome to EFW 2007!

Workshop Description

The ExpertFinder initiative is pleased to announce its first workshop focusing on research issues and application in the area of devising vocabulary extensions and best practices to annotate personal home pages, pages of institutions, conferences, publication indexes, etc. with adequate semantic metadata to find experts on particular topics.
We consider this area a highly relevant application field in the middle ground of Social Networking and Semantic Web technologies. Many efforts have already been put into devising related vocabularies and enabling technologies. In order to get closer to real-world applications and industrial uptake, alignment of these efforts is necessary, which is the mission of the ExpertFinder initiative, see also:

Colocated with the General Assembly of the EU Network of Excellence KnowledgeWeb

EFW2007 - First International ExpertFinder Workshop

Post-workshop Information is now available

We thank our sponsors: EU NoE Knowledge Web and the Knowledge Nets project, which is part of the InterVal-Berlin Research Centre for the Internet Economy, funded by the German Ministry of Research (BMBF)